About Us

IACS (Institute of Advanced Control Systems) is an institute in School of Electronic and Information Enginering, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, Pr.R China. 

Formerly it is named ACSL (Institute of Advanced Control Systems Laboratory). It was founded in 2005 by Professor Zhongsheng Hou. By the effort of all members, a plenty of original research results were obtained over the past years on several areas, such as control science and engineering, traffic information engineering and control, intelligent transportation system and applications in related fields. Some research directions of ASCL take a leading position in China and even enjoy international reputation. The characteristic research directions of IACS include:

Advanced Control Systems Laboratory

1. Data-driven control theory and applications;

2. Learning and adaptive control theory and applications;

3. Intelligent transportation (roadway, railway) control theory, technology and software and hardware implementation;

4. Analysis and control of complex system;

5. Advanced detection technology, system and device;  

The Institute is authorized to award the doctoral degree of first class discipline in Control Science and Engineering, and the doctoral degree of second class discipline in Traffic Information Engineering and Control. The research team has made great achievements in academic paper publishing, research projects, teaching and academic exchanges and other aspects.

The institute members have published papers in top academic journals, including Automatica, IEEE T-AC, IEEE T-VT, IEEE T-CST, IEEE T-ITS, Transportation Res-C, Systems and Control Letters, ACTA Automatica, Control Theory and Applications, and so on.

Research projects  includes Key projects of National Natural Science Foundation, Major international cooperation projects of National Natural Science Foundation, 863 high-tech projects, Sub-projects of National Key Technology Support Plan, general programs of National Natural Science Foundation.